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I went on a search via Alfred for music by "CANTIGA". Not looking for anything specific really, but they've got a compilation album releasing this month. I wanted to see if there was anything on this new release that I didn't already have. Haven't even seen the track list yet.

Alfred found... Nothing. N O T H I N G. Now I know there's over 30 songs from this group in my library. I keep the media stuff on an external HDD. Mini has a limited HD space and I've got over 80 Gigs of just music alone. So I did a spotlight search, and got some really wonky results. Stuff showing on my backup drive and nowhere else...

musicnotes.jpgAnd That Ain't Right

So I fire up iTunes, Look up the locations of a couple of these songs I was looking for. Like "Show me where is the actual file located?" And it points at the damned backup drive So I check some other music. Movies. TV shows, etc. Everything is on the backup drive.

Check the location set in iTunes preferences and it is set for the backup drive. I can't even No idea how or when that got changed.

Did a compare between the two drives. It's a SuperDuper! Backup so essentially it is a clone. Set to backup once or twice a week. There was a difference of ONE item and it was on the backup... And I made one addition in the last week or two... So it must have been a recent change.

So what happens when yer backup tries to backup itself??? BOOM!! Space time continuum gets out of whack and then... Head asplodey!

I copied the one folder that was out of sync and set the media location back to where it is supposed to be and ejected the back. Now conducting a scientific study to make sure everything is working properly...

i.e. I am listening to music... All is right in the universe. Or at least my small piece of it...

That's great and all buuuuuuuuut it doesn't solve my original issue as to why Alfred search results are different from Spotlight's...


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